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Media NEWS

  • You can study while you work, companies tell their employees
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  • On a roll, salary increments just below the top level of the tech sector are just what the doc ordered for the depressed souls
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  • Cos deploying benched staff on internal projects
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Client Speak

  • “One of the fundamental problems that we faced in HR was Attrition. After thorough analysis we found the solution to build a robust training effectiveness frame work. Today, we give lot of importance to trainings, particularly the behavioral skills part of it. We do have internal faculties in our organization, but then we thought to incorporate the best training practices across industries and that’s how we identified e2e! They are group of young dynamic professionals who are totally committed to their job. It’s a great experience to be associated with e2e.”  HR Manager, Infrastructure Development. Know more
  •  “e2e has done a great job. When I joined my organization, there were no set of policies and procedures. With the help of e2e we formulated many policies and implemented them within a month or two. e2e helped us in People CMM activities also. 

    One important positive change in our organization is that, my team did not have team working skills. I discussed this matter with Ms. Yeshasvini, Director and Mr. Ajith Vikram, Training Coordinator and we organized Team Building Training for entry and mid management level for the first time in the history of the organization. This change was very well appreciated and now all jell as a team.” – Director, Facility Management. Know more
  • "It’s been a nice association with not only Ms. Yeshasvini but also her team. We have conducted training programs with her team for which we have found a very positive impact, that’s when we decided to impliment a comprensive model of learning and we now conduct the trainings quarterly or bi-annually. ”  HR Manager, Product Design. Know more
  • “My association particularly with e2e is through Ms. Yeshasvini. I met her in their open house program Learning for the Future. I found the platform to be so open, flexible and high in interactions with the peer group present that I found it very comfortable to relate with diverse people who were domain experts as well as very knowledgeable.” Director, Technical Training Consultancy. Know more
  • Yesh is a smart and dynamic person. She is very focused and gets to the point quickly and directly. Her delivery is highly impactful and she keeps the target audience involved and no one "drifts".V P Finance, Dubai based consulting firm.Know more
  • Yeshasvini is best described as someone who has high levels of energy and vision. Once she takes on a project, Yeshasvini will ensure that it is completed in record time and to a very high standard. She does this with a gentleness that belies her extreme professionalism. To have Yeshasvini and her team on board in any project will be a huge asset to any organisation. Management ConsultantKnow more
  • I met Yeshasvini at at a management course in IIM Bangalore. During the course I was very impressed by her analytical thinking skills and her ability to reach out to and connect with an extremely diverse set of people. After the course was over we engaged Yesh and her team to work with us as consultants. Clearly an out-of-the-box thinker Yesh brought with her a host of fresh insights that helped us rethink several of our in-house processes. She has an enthusiasm that is infectious and spreads quickly to the group that she is interacting with. I have no hesitation in recommending Yesh and her team. Their levels of commitment to every client engagement is way above and beyond the call of duty. I wish Yesh the very best.Founder, CEO, Bio technology,US. Know more

e2e Profile

profilee2e is a Leadership Audit Firm focus on providing Business Solutions by Building People Capability. Through our audits and interventions we have been successful in aligning HR functions with the business objectives of our clients.

We have developed unique models to track Return on Investments (ROI) in the Human Resources Management and Leadership Training areas. In addition to business – people alignment, a lot of our work also involves strategy sessions with senior management of start ups, mid sized and large companies. Such sessions help identify solutions that brings greater accountability. Through the effective management of talent pools, we help create sustainable business platforms.  Our experience spans sectors such as banks, educational institutions, health Care, IT/ITes, media, infrastructure, retail and the hospitality sector. Click here too know more about our services...

e2e People Practices has pioneered the implementation of P-CMM in non IT sectors in India. Click here to know more about People CMM...

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