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Business Alignment Initiatives

1The alignment of the management's strategic intent, business objectives and the practices of the organisation dramatically increase energy levels in an organisation.  

Through a careful study of the organisation's practices and its structure we help develop and align critical organisation practices, strengthen and deepen culture that results in delivery excellence.

Our solutions in the field of Organization Development help address important priorities in the organization and we help through our service offerings which include Culture Outsourcing, Bench Management, Competency Mapping & Development and Quantifiable Performance Management Systems, Balance Scorecard.

Our alignment initiatives result in the creation of a self aligned, dynamic self sustained culture of excellence that distributes leadership and energy throughout the organisation. This achieved through a genuine devolution of HR functions from the department to the line manager.


Organization Development 

BAIWe work as partners in proactively developing, planning and implementing a customized framework in the sphere of organization transformation. This may involve restructuring, redesigning or reinventing an organization’s practices that require changing people's mindset and attitudes. These interventions are done after a careful and thorough study of the organization, its vision, beliefs and practices, policies, systems and processes.

culture-outsourcingCulture Outsourcing 

'Change' is inevitable as the saying goes, whether the change is large or small, the ability to manage it is critical in ensuring a high performance work environment. e2e helps organizations prepare for ensuing changes by managing  complex organizational and workforce transitions. Simultaneously we evolve the organisation's culture. This helps organisations derive the greatest long-term value from their business improvement efforts.

Change management consulting encompasses a number of techniques that enable a sustained improvement. Regardless of the technique(s) used change management consulting projects follow an overall basic flow.

Culture Outsourcing as a service assists in the management of change in any organization. Over a period of time e2e through its interventions helps build a foundation that enables employees adapt to change and successfully overcome challenges.


Bench Management 

bench-managementDue to business exigencies, organisations have to resort to keeping a proportion of their employees on the 'bench'. When employees are told that they would have to be on the bench – it evokes fear and dread. 

e2e sees this as an opportunity, and offers a creative solution - 'Engaged Bench'. 

We partner with our clients and help them   strategically utilize, build and hone their talent pool.  This helps organisations invest their time and resources on activities that help leverage their businesses to the maximum.

Some of the key benefits are

  • The resources or potential resources that are available internally are clearly identified who may have otherwise been hired
  • Creation of a positive atmosphere by re-skilling activities
  • Appropriate re-skilling that will enhance  an organisations ability to service their customers


Competency Mapping / Development 

CompetencyKnowing one’s competencies can give one, a competitive edge in the job market. It is a process through which one’s strengths as an individual worker and in some cases, as part of an organization can be assessed. The value of competency mapping and identifying emotional strengths is in ensuring the position gets an employee with specific competencies, like someone who enjoys taking initiative or someone who is very good at taking direction.

We have defined competencies for junior, mid and senior level employees in IT/ITes, Infrastructure Development and Energy manufacturing firms. Mapping competencies to the position has helped employees in encouraging themselves to raise their delivery levels.

Performance Management Systems 

performanceIt is a systematic process of assessing progress toward achieving predetermined goals, either individually or collectively as teams or departments. Properly designed, such systems help in improving organizational effectiveness by providing a mechanism for feedback while simultaneously communicating priorities and the strategic intent of top management.

e2e has conducted appraisals for our clients across sectors like construction, IT, facility management. Moreover we have helped smaller firms who have just set up HR departments, evolve appropriate performance management systems on a build own operate and transfer model.

We have successfully used 360 degree method of evaluation senior management professionals within their teams.

Our services offerings include developing an effective performance management system, creating job descriptions, defining meaningful and pertinent Key Performance Indicators, and developing Balance Scorecards for the organizations.


Balance Scorecard 

BalanceThe Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that is used extensively in business and industry, government, and not for profit organizations worldwide to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve internal and external communications, and monitor organization performance against strategic goals.

It was originated by Drs. Robert Kaplan (Harvard Business School) and David Norton as a performance measurement framework that added strategic non-financial performance measures to traditional financial metrics to give managers and executives a more 'balanced' view of organizational performance.

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