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Employee Alignment Interventions

2Aligning employees to the organization’s goals and strategies is essential in realising the vision of the organization. When employee connects to the purpose and vision of the organization, they successfully cope with setbacks and celebrate the successes of the organization, as it grows. e2e's interventions culminate in an enhanced sense of pride within the organisation. This is reflected in the quality of the products and services offered by the organisation over the long term.

Our offerings include HR Process Audits, Assessments (Assessment Centre), and Behaviour Event Interviews and Employee Alignment and Best Practices Surveys

All of these services help us understand the practices that can be adapted to the organisations needs and evolve a strategy to positively impact work place culture.



HR Process Audit

hr-audite2e relies on proprietary audits which help an organization assess itself in the HR domain. The outcome of the audit is a well calibrated action plan which improves human resources functions within an organisation.

Typically an audit systematically reviews all aspects of human resources management. It includes a review of policies, statutory compliance and the impact of policies and practices on employee perceptions.

We use the People Capability Maturity Model to benchmark the practices followed in the organization. Our recommendations embrace the best practices followed in the industry.


assessmentAssessment Centre

Assessment centres are one among the best methods available for assessing candidates on the personal qualities needed in a particular job. e2e helps organisations set up assessment centres. These centres are scalable and customised to suit the organisation needs and more importantly budgets.


Behaviour Event Interview

behaviourBehaviour Event Interviewing (BEI) provides a standardized assessment method to measure the responses and qualifications of their prospects. The root of a BEI is therefore in the development and the delivery of standardized questions which allows each individual being interviewed to be measured based on their own responses.

Behaviour Event Interviewing (BEI) moves away from biases and relies on the past performance for the behaviour than considering the prediction of an individual’s future behaviour. In this interview style we assume that hypothetical responses cannot predict how a person will act in a future situation.


Employee Alignment Surveys

employee-alignmentEmployee Engagement or Work Engagement is a concept that is viewed as managing discretionary effort. It studies the engagement level of the employees’ since High levels of employee engagement correlates to individual, group and corporate performance in areas such as retention, turnover, productivity, customer service and loyalty, whereas, actively disengaged employees are less productive, less profitable, less likely to provide excellent customer service and are often disruptive.

Employee Satisfaction helps the company maintain standards & increase productivity. Our surveys help identify factors that satisfy and motivate the employees to increase their efficiency and productivity.

We offer the engagement and satisfaction surveys with a multistage approach that is not limited only to a written survey but also involves personal interviews and focus group discussions with a sample to understand the holistic improvement needed.

More importantly our surveys also identify what’s going on right within the organisation, which help strengthen current practices.


Best Practices Survey

best-practicesWe have a number of surveys on HR Best Practices followed in specific industries and some of our surveys encompass unique subjects. The latest study dealt with the recent trends in Indian and Multi-National Companies on the special care they provide to their Women Executives.


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