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People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM)

8People Capability Maturity Model (People CMM) was designed with a purpose to enable a benchmark from the HR function in the IT firms.

e2e People Practices pioneered P-CMM in non IT sectors in India. We are certified by Carnegie Mellon University to provide the People CMM literature in a regional language to help the non IT firms benefit from this model.

We have helped firms in diverse industries to bring maturity in their HR functions through the implementation of People CMM the principles.

Unlike any other firm, our services include helping the organization implement the practices than following a consulting approach.

The architect of People CMM, Dr. Bill Curtis, acknowledged the step taken by e2e to assist the non IT firm in delivering excellence through their people strategies.

We have written couple of articles on our experience in implementing the practices of People CMM in the construction industry especially, since this industry in India has begun applying the practices of Human Resource Management from early years of 2000 only. And the experience is vast as the nature of work, the section of employees, employees’ understanding of the human principles, the communication language (needs to be regional) and much more.


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