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Skill Enhancement

5e2e aims at providing transformational trainings, it not just creates an awareness but a zeal to change by facilitating its application. Our training offerings are strategically designed to enhance organization effectiveness by developing its human capital to meet the changing business demands and tailor made offerings.

One unique approach that we adopt is Experiential Learning that createsa lasting impact on our audience. Our understanding of importance of adult learning psychology, good learning design and leveraging the power of various media empowers our programs. We adopt Donald Kirkpatrick Model to deliver excellence in the training cycle.

Excluding carrying out the complete training life cycle for your organization, we conduct audit of the training division. We also run a Training Effectiveness Assessment post the training session to verify the learning.

We conduct a unique Train the Trainer workshop to create in-house experts in the organizations to deliver effective training programs. We also have detailed programs on Transformational LeadershipW Workshops, Management Development Programs, Transitional Skill Training – the behavioural & developmental trainings, Outbound Learning, Focused and HR Workshops.


Training Audit 

Training audit is a health check on the fitness of your training function. It involves reviewing the strategy, the policy (ies), the training need analysis, the evaluation process, the learning designs & materials, the delivery options adopted, capability of the training staff, and any other input that has an impact on the input and output of the function.

Depending on the scope of the audit and audit intent, the process we follow uses various data points obtained by using a variety of techniques for data collection such as personal interviews, questionnaire, audit of policies, an assessment of the system(study of processes), and a discussion with the stakeholders of the training function.

Training Effectiveness Assessment 

Training assessment that we deliver is defined on the Donald Kirkpatrick Model. It aims at adding value to the trainings offered and enhancing the employee skills to benefit the organization.

Our customised process benchmarks the audience prior and post the training program. The pre-training benchmarking results help in arriving at training frameworks that relate to actual requirements of the organisation thus enriching the overall experience.


Train the Trainer 

We conduct workshops on specific subjects to eventually develop an effective trainer. To list a few topics that we typically deliver in Train the Trainer workshops are team building, negotiation skills, time management, interviewing skills and more.

Our workshops include ‘mentoring’ as a feature.

Transformational Leadership Workshop 

A leader’s role is inevitable to drive change and lead higher levels of performance, for which the leader should create a vision to guide the change through inspiration to deliver excellence.

We offer workshops on Transformational Leadership that focuses on developing skills to "transform" others. We adopt a variety of strategies to identify and develop the leadership skills. Our latest program was for our Banking customer that included developing fifty odd General Managers & Branch Managers.


Management Development Program 

This is based on an engagement with the client that would be for a specific term. The program is modelled around the Harvard Management Development Program.

The program includes the key skills required by the leader, the characteristics of leadership, how an effective leadership team can be developed and managed, administering change and fostering innovation, developing optimal planning strategies, and other key characteristics of a foremost leader.

Developmental Training 

Every organization has an evolution process in the Organization Lifecycle. The requirements at each stage are unique and require focus. Each stage of the lifecycle demands specific skill sets in its employees to deliver excellence to improve the curve.


After thorough research we have strategically designed our training offerings enhance organization effectiveness by developing its human capital to meet the changing business demands. We address this need by identifying trainings for specific stages and graduating them within the organization levels.



Transitional Skills Training 

We understand the importance of transition skills and the need for psychological and social context which an individual encounters during transition. Since transition is inevitable, our trainings are well crafted using the methods of self discovery & self mastery to drive change and make it an exceptional yet effective experience.

To assist in changing behaviour and delivering consistency, we apply the concepts of social learning theories and systems in mutual agreement with our customers to be a backbone and support the trainees even after the training program. A glimpse on the programs we provide:

Regular Courses Premium Courses Advanced Courses
Presentation Skills
Email Etiquette
Conference Call Etiquette
Communication Skills
Campus to Corporate Workshops
Stress Management
Time Management
Goal Setting
Self Motivation
Negotiating Skills 
Interpersonal Relationship
Empathy and Listening Skills
Assertiveness Training
Memory and Focus Creativity and Lateral Thinking MS Suite
Managing Adversity
Speaking with Impact
Purposeful Living
Tactical Leadership and
WinWin Negotiation
Creative Thinking
Problem Solving
Leadership and Motivation
Management Development
Professional Presentation Skills
Superior Interpersonal Skills
Team Building
Train The Trainer
Self Awareness and Managing
Advanced Communication
Attitude-Your Most Priceless
Creating Customer Wow
Personal Organization & Self
Winning The Service Game
Business Etiquette Work-Life Balance


Outbound Training 

In unfamiliar environments and unpredictable situations, stretched beyond the normal comfort zones, people tend to lose their inhibitions, shed their masks and become more receptive to learning. Our trained facilitators help the participants extrapolate the learning from the outdoor activities to their workplace in each session they conduct.

We have delivered outbound learning programs to enhance the ability of a heterogeneous group to successfully cope with the challenges in diverse industries like, Creative Product Designing, R&D, IT, Facility Management, Infrastructure Development and more. The subjects that we covered in outbound learning are increasing self & team confidence, conflict resolution, personal and professional effectiveness, interpersonal skills, communication skills, leadership development, change management, to name a few.


Focused Workshops

We conduct workshop for audience from all industries. These workshops are scheduled for short period of time (1/2/3 days) depending on the subject. The topic of the workshop ranges from Retaining Talent, Succession Planning, to Managing Business.

We also organize focused technical training program for the Human Resource (HR) professionals. Our distinctive feature is that, the workshop not only provides basic insight on the subject but also gives an opportunity to gain practical experience utilizing the expert knowledge of the facilitators.


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