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Corporate Social Responsibility

Written by Super User. Posted in e2e


 The Cause we deeply care about and the NGOs we support

Developing Entrepreneurs in Indiaimages

I Create India, like many path-breaking ideas, the origin of I Create was in the unfortunate incidence of riots, police firing on and death of a few unemployed youth trying to enlist for the army during Kargil war. What started as a compassionate act has turned in to a movement for entrepreneurship development for the underprivileged and disadvantaged.






Logo Full ColorChild Education

Shantibhavan redefines what is possible, they bring children from generational poverty to life of dignity and achievement. They follow an unprecedented education model that reaches beyond individual students to tackle poverty and create positive changes in their families and communities.

Shantibhavan’s students are first in their families to become authors, computer scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, teachers and more.


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